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I am wholly an intersectional ecologist. The scientific questions that interest me have to do with how humans impact the world around us. This interest has led me to publishing everywhere - from Environmental Justice to the Journal of Chemical Ecology.

Sam Davis

Conservation Scientist @ Dogwood Alliance
Adjunct Instructor @ Wright State University
Small Business Owner


As a scientist working full time at an advocacy non-profit,  I am somewhat constrained in data collection. I don't have the time or resources to conduct primary data collection, and so, I rely on datasets developed by others. I am grateful for the scientists who have made their datasets publicly available, or shared those datasets directly with me. 

Published Research

Discover the data stories I've told

    Burning wood pellets to generate electricity is an environmental justice issue.


    Where we choose to conserve land is an opportunity to build conservation equity and eliminate recreation deserts.
  • Group of person walking in mountain


    Forests are worth more than what they'll make a landowner for pellets, pulp, or lumber.
    Tree with old bark on green herb in forest


    Old growth forests are rare, but they do still exist in the American landscape. 

    A native butterfly irreparably harmed by an invasive plant and climate change.
    Cabbage white butterfly perching on purple flower in selective focus photography


    An invasive butterfly making its mark on the American landscape.

List of Published Articles

Messick, R. and Davis, S.. 2021. “Global Importance of Imperiled Old-growth Forests With an Emphasis on the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains” Imperiled: The Encyclopedia of Conservation.

Cipollini, D., Davis, S., Lieurance, D., Cipollini, K., and Bahn, V. 2020. “Biogeographic variation in resistance of the invasive plant, Alliaria petiolata, to a powdery mildew fungus and local influences on the frequency of resistance” Biological Invasions.

Davis, S., Perez, N., and S. Koester. 2019. “Forests Are Not Fuel” Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences
Koester, S. and S. Davis. 2018. “Siting of wood pellet production facilities in environmental justice communities in the southeastern US.” Environmental Justice 11:2

Davis S.L. and D. Cipollini. 2016. “Range, genetic diversity, and future of the threatened butterfly, Pieris virginiensis. ” Insect Conservation and Diversity, 10.1111/icad.12189.

Davis S.L. and D. Cipollini. 2016. “Evidence for use of Alliaria petiolata in North America by the European cabbage white butterfly, Pieris rapae Psyche, Article 9671506.

Davis S.L., Frisch T., Bjarnholt N. and D. Cipollini. 2015. “How does garlic mustard lure and kill the West Virginia White butterfly?” Journal of Chemical Ecology. doi:10.1007/s10886-015-0633-3. 

Frisch, T., Agerbirk, N., Davis, S.L., Cipollini, D., Olsen, C.E., Motawie, M.S., Bjarnholt, N., and B.L. Moller. 2014. “Glucosinolate-related glucosides in Alliaria petiolata: Sources of variation in the plant and different metabolism in an adapted specialist herbivore, Pieris rapae.” Journal of Chemical Ecology. doi:10.1007/s10886-014-0509-y. 

Davis, S.L. and D. Cipollini. 2014b. “Do mothers always know best? Oviposition mistakes and resulting larval failure of Pieris virginiensis on Alliaria petiolata, a novel, toxic host.” Biological Invasions 16:1941-1950.

Davis, S.L. and D. Cipollini. 2014a. “How environmental conditions and changing landscapes influence the survival and reproduction of a rare butterfly, Pieris virginiensis (Pieridae).” Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society 68(1):61-65. 
Due to copyright issues, I cannot provide direct PDFs of these documents except upon request. You are welcome to email me to receive free copies of these papers!


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