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June 12, 2022

COMPARE: DALL-E Mini vs. HotPot.ai

Welcome back to another episode of "Sam plays with AI!" Ever since hearing about DALL-E, I've been anxious to get my hands on it, whether that be in the beta or by some other means. Well, someone released a mini version of the model, and I've been playing with it for the last few days. If you're looking for a review of DALL-E, you've come to the right place. If you're looking for landscape generators, go here instead! Looking for text generators? Try this one!

Now, keep in mind that these are two different algorithms and will have wildly different results. Especially when I'm at the helm.

Test 1: an opossum in a fancy Edwardian dress, in the style of Matisse

Inspired by my most recent art purchase, I wanted to see if AI could even touch what this amazing artist had done with her digital art.

DALL-E mini produces nine images, of which, six were kind of close to what I was looking for. There's either a dress or a good opossum in these ones. Check them out:

Generation time was 2-3 minutes and it produced nine images. Not bad!

Unfortunately, only a few of them would I classify in "Matisse" style and the opossums leave much to be desired. Granted, they are very strange animals.

On HotPot, I put in the exact same text and then selected the Acrylic Art style, as I thought that would most closely match. They don't have thumbnail previews of their styles, so it's hard to know what you're doing unless you've used HotPot recently. This request hung for far too long.

Test #2: A tortie cat, in artstation style

While waiting for HotPot to generate literally anything, I decided to go ahead and try another round with DALL-E. It took me probably fifteen tries to get access to the server - I kept getting the "Traffic too busy" message. I envision that limitation will continue to happen and potentially get worse until the hub bub dies down.

DALL-E mini came in at 125 seconds, and it produced several passable tortie shaped images. All nine images produced suffered from a dark background which made it challenging to see colors, but compared to the opossums, DALL-E mini really nailed the shape of the face and the coloring of a tortie cat.

Test #3: A Deep Lush Forest in ArtStation Style

It took me less time to get DALL-E up and running on this query. Maybe folks were stopping for dinner. In any case, I liked all nine outputs. I think DALL-E mini really shines when it comes to landscapes. It's pretty hard to make a tree unrecognizable with weird AI juice, so there's that. Here they are:

Still waiting on HotPot...

So it's been about forty five minutes and this other AI generator that I know is still just not doing it's thing. There's a clear winner by production alone, and it's definitely DALL-E mini. When HotPot actually produces the images, I'll pop back in and add my thoughts.

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